Our Creations

Although 150 Panwich creations already exist, we are always thinking and innovating to create the newest flavour combinations. With these creations also come your ideas. We love to create and experiment with new ideas to appeal to specific tastes. Have an idea for a Panwich for your next event? Let us know and we'll make it happen!

Here are some Panwich creations that have been approved by the masses!

The Cheeseburger

It's not really a cheeseburger- it's a Panwich! Seasoned lean ground beef, American cheese, complimented by diced pickles and onions.

The BOM(b)

Double creme brie cheese, caramelized onions, butter sautéed mushrooms, served with a blueberry compote.

The KD Panwich

Delicious kraft dinner mac n' cheese inside the classic Panwich. Kids love this one!

The Cordon Bleu

All white chicken breast, hand shredded, in a swiss cheese wine sauce with rosemary, black forest ham, and extra swiss cheese.

The Hot Diggity Dog

A hot dog wrapped in American cheese, battered, wrapped in bacon, and then deep fried.

The Nutella Bacon

Nutella and Crispy bacon. Sounds strange, but tastes delicious!