What is a Panwich?

A Panwich is a delicious invention created using gourmet fillings, battered and then deep fried. Want to see more of our flavours?

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We are a gourmet food truck from Burlington, Ontario operating since 2015. Our specialty- The Panwich. An invention from 1998 created by Jennifer Bishop, it is gourmet fillings battered and deep fried. We have created over 150 different combinations of fillings, from the classic BOM(b) (brie, onion, mushroom) to the sweet Nutella bacon (strange, but oh so delicious). Learn more about us below.

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“Straight from my husbands mouth, “That was quite possibly the best thing I’ve had to eat for as long as I can remember!””

Colleen Stinson Meadows

“The Panwich Company catered my parent’s anniversary super last minute after a different truck cancelled. a happy misfortune because they did an amazing job, it was desserts only. They made a deep-fried cheesecake which came in 2 flavors, customized to my parents’ favorite flavors. My parents loved it, and all the guests had so much fun choosing and ordering, and everyone said it was delicious.”

Rach Bosma

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